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G olfers who want to improve their putting need to work on mak- ing a confident and consistent stroke that keeps the putter head low to the ground before and after impact. Here are three ideas to consider… >> Setting up with your weight slightly toward the tar- get will give you the best chance to release the putter head very close to the ground. The putter head after impact should be just a few inches off the ground; not knee or waist high as you watch the putt. >> When it comes to putting style, I am a fan of the square- to-square stroke. Most golfers naturally think of a pendulum motion when they putt. A stroke that has equal length back as it does through the ball is typically a solid stroke. Length of the stroke is a big key in controlling distance. Al- ways accelerating through the putt is key to getting the ball to the hole every time. >> A good practice drill is to draw a very thick line on your ball. Aim the line on the ball at your target. When you make the putt you should still see a solid line on the ball as it is rolling end over end. If the line remains solid though the putt we know the ball was struck square and has the best poten- tial to roll out on the intended line. The more you see the ball rolling end over end, the more your ball has a tendency to lip in rather than lip out. STROKE SAVERS Following these putting tips will help your game on the greens • BY TOM BURLEY, PGA PLAY LIKE THE PROS GREAT PUTTERS ALL HAVE ONE TRAIT IN COMMON T he best putters on tour always get the ball to the hole. If you are an avid golf viewer, you will rarely see a tour pro leave a putt short from a short distance. More often than not, if a pro misses a short putt, it has more than enough speed to get to the hole. It's simple: If the ball doesn't get the hole, it will never have a chance of going in. I have always been a fan of delicate, yet ag- gressive putting styles. Brad Faxon, Isao Aoki, Steve Stricker, and in his prime Tiger Woods. These greats all share one thing in common: they get their putts to the hole, every time. >> Tom Burley is PGA Head Golf Professional at Indian Wells Golf Resort. He can be reached at (760) 834-3823, or CLICK HERE to email. Great putters never leave the ball short. WHICH PUTTER MODEL IS RIGHT FOR YOU? W hen choosing a putter, it's important to know that some putters are toe weighted and some are face balanced. Toe weighted put- ters will help square the club face up for golfers with open- to-closed putting strokes, while those with the pendu- lum square-to-square strokes will benefit more from face- balanced putters. CHOOSE WISELY PRO'S CORNER > C L I C K H E R E F O R D E TA I L S O N D A I LY G O L F C L I N I C S AT I N D I A N W E L L S O R C A L L T O M B U R L E Y AT * 7 6 0 + 8 3 4 ) 3 8 2 3 BOOK A TEE TIME

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