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PRO'S CORNER BOOK A TEE TIME > C L I C K H E R E T O V I E W A L L O F T H E G O L F I N S T R U C T I O N PA C K A G E S O N L I N E G reenside sand traps can be detrimental to some golfers. When we practice, rarely do we ever get a chance to hit shots out of a greenside practice bunker. With that, here are a few tips from PGA Head Golf Professional Tom Burley that will help make you a more consistent sand player. 1 Take a nice 9rm stance in the sand, playing the ball toward your front foot just inside the left heel. Have your stance open to the target, open your club face slightly, and aim slightly to the left. We aim left to compensate for opening the club face, which creates the tendency for the ball to come out a little right. 2 Make sure you favor your lead leg to support a little bit more of your weight. There should be a slight increase in weight distri- bution in favor of your leg closest to the target. 3 Keep your hands forward. Try not to let your hands fall too far be- hind the ball, otherwise you'll have the tendency to have the club bottom out too early. 4 As you take the club back try to keep your lower body as still as possible. The lower body will move some, but try to limit a big weight transfer behind the ball. Use mostly arms in the takeaway, keeping the feet nice and quiet. 5 As you transition into the down- swing, remember that we are not necessarily trying to hit the ball. We are trying to impact the sand an inch or two behind the ball and let the sand lift the ball out of the bunker. If you hear the clack of the ball at im- pact you have either hit one thin over the green or buried it into the face in front of you. Hearing the swoosh of the sand will increase consistency. Also, swing harder than normal. 6 Never quit on your bunker shots. Keep the club head moving through the bunker and accelerate to an abbreviated finish with most of your weight on the lead leg. The more bunker shots in which you hear the "swoosh" while finishing on your lead leg, the more your ball will find the green – giving you more chances to get up and down. SAND SAVIORS 6 tips that will help you get out of the bunker every time Greenside sand traps can be tricky, but a little practice goes a long way. THE GIFT OF GOLF T he instruction sta( members at the Indian Wells Golf Resort have unveiled a golf lesson special for the holiday season. Regularly $125, a 1-hour individ- ual golf lesson is now available for $100. A series of three lessons is available for $275 (regularly $375), and a series of

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