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S hooting a low score always provides great satisfaction for golfers. But for many players, shooting low scores is not something that comes easily or quickly. Most golfers start with lessons, but it's what comes after those lessons that will make or break your round — and spending time on the practice range is key. Here are a few things that I would recommend for those trying to get the most out of a practice routine: >> Practice with a purpose. Take your time when hitting a bucket of balls. Try taking at least a minute be- fore hitting every shot. Rehearse your pre-shot routine, visualize your shot, and get comfortable. Too often I see players hitting balls as fast as they can almost in a rapid-fire motion. >> Bring your basket of range balls to the chipping area before you hit them on the range. Just because you have purchased a bucket of range balls doesn't mean you have to hit them on the range right away. Make the most of your practice time and hit a bucket of chip shots or sand shots. Once you are done with that, you can begin your session on the range. >> Find a way to be creative with practice. Hitting range balls without a purpose doesn't produce good results. Find a creative way to stay entertained while practicing. I personally like to make sure I hit multiple fades, draws, and straight shots all to the same pin. Once I have hit the green imple- menting all three of the shot styles, I will do it again with another club. >> Be open to a learning curve. If you have just finished a lesson, it is a great idea to implement a few practice sessions before your next lesson. Not every shot you attempt to hit with a "new move" or "updated swing" is going to be exact. Change takes time and doesn't al- ways feel comfortable while you are experiencing it. To become comfortable with a new change you will need to make time, have some patience, and be ready to put in lots of practice. PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE 4 ways to get the most out of your time on the range BY TOM BURLEY Head PGA Professional PRO'S CORNER > C L I C K H E R E F O R D E TA I L S O N D A I LY G O L F C L I N I C S AT I N D I A N W E L L S O R C A L L T O M B U R L E Y AT ( 7 6 0) 8 3 4- 3 8 2 3 BOOK A TEE TIME << Being creative on the range will pay off when you take your game out to the course.

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