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THE ACADEMY MIND GAMES Workshops help golfers improve mental prowess T he game of golf is 90 percent men- tal and 10 percent physical stated the legend himself, Jack Nicklaus. So can you actually improve your mental fitness as it applies to golf? The an- swer is an unequivocal "yes," especially if you sign up for a mental golf workshop at The Academy at Indian Wells Golf Resort. Sessions may be booked at an individual level, or at a group level that can be organ- ized into a seminar taking place in a class- room setting, says The Academy's PGA Lead Instructor Bobby Farnham. "The mental golf workshop begins with students taking an online test before actually showing up for an in-person session," Farn- ham said. "At this point the coach and stu- dent go through the DISC profile, which is essentially a golf personality report that touches on all things taking place before, during and after a round. It shows the golfer and the coach things that both work for and against the player and how to improve on all of these areas." Farnham adds that half of the report is a workbook that begins at the in-person ses- sion and continues to develop over time. This leads to a systematic approach for how to improve on tendencies that need im- provement and to understand the strengths that student has in place. Farnham agrees with Nicklaus on the role of the mental game in golf, saying that while golf is a sport that requires a great deal of physical skill, it is also a sport that requires players to analyze, observe, make adjust- ments, assess risk and control emotions. "The main difference in golf verses other sports is we are rarely in a reactive space, which gives us much more time to think and dwell in our heads," he said. "It is easy to get lost in negative thoughts or emotions, making it difficult to execute at a high level. By putting time and work into your mental game you learn these things that help free you up to play your best." VISIT THE ACADEMY AT INDIAN WELLS GOLF RESORT Indian Wells Insider / Winter 2023 HIGHER LEARNING .................................................. > CLICK HERE to contact PGA Lead Instructor Bobby Farnham of The Golf Academy at IWGR for mental game workshops. Further opportunities for game improvement include Trackman Bays, Player Development Programs, Lesson Packages, Junior Programs, Corporate Instruction, Academy Memberships and more. Mental workshops help golfers get better at making adjustments, assessing risks and controlling their emotions on the course.

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