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< With the right preparation, you can have an enjoyable round of golf in the heat. PRO'S CORNER - BY TOM BURLEY, PGA BOOK A TEE TIME > C L I C K H E R E F O R I N F O R M AT I O N O N G O L F C L I N I C S AT I N D I A N W E L L S E V E R Y T U E S D AY - S AT U R D AY P laying 18 holes when it's 72 de- grees outside is one thing, but teeing up it during the summer – when temperatures reach 100 de- grees or more in the Coachella Val- ley – requires some thought. Here are four ways you can beat the challenging heat: •••• GET LOOSE IN A COOL SPOT Do your best to get your stretching done before you get to the golf course. You will be less likely to stand in the heat and stretch than you would be in the comfort of your home or hotel room, and you will also want to limit your sun exposure prior to and during the round. •••• CHOOSE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY Hit a number of balls on the range that you are satisfied with, but there is no need to spend extra time work- ing on anything. Save your energy and practice for a day when you aren't playing 18 holes afterward. •••• MAKE ADJUSTMENTS FOR COURSE CONDITIONS When it's hot and dry, most courses play firmer and faster. The ball jumps off the clubface more, and combined with hard surface condi- tions, you can probably expect more distance. Some greens will also be firmer than usual, so you will want to account for any bounces the ball might take before coming to a stop after a full swing or pitch shot. •••• READ THE BREAK TOWARD INDIO Bermuda grass is prevalent on the putting greens during the summer, and it is notorious for having more grain while growing than other grasses. Since the Bermuda tends to grow toward the setting sun (or Indio in this case), the blades of grass lean in that direction, causing the ball to break more toward Indio. HOT TIPS! 4 things you can do to beat the heat on the golf course QUALIT Y CONTROL I n order to keep the two courses at Indian Wells Golf Resort in great shape throughout the year, they'll undergo some scheduled closures for maintenance throughout the summer. From June 11-28 and July 23-Au- gust 9, the upper driving range tee areas and the putting and chipping greens on the Players Course will be closed for aerification. The putting course, pavilion lawns and lower range on the Celebrity Course side will be punched July 2-19 and Au- gust 13-29. Overseeding will close the Players Course from September 23-October 11 and the Celebrity Course from October 14-November 1. CLICK HERE to view daily course conditions. COURSE MAINTENANCE UPDATE

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