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Indian Wells Insider - March 2018

Indian Wells Golf Resort

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THE COURSES > C L I C K H E R E T O V I E W C U R R E N T C O N D I T I O N S O N T H E P L AY E R S A N D C E L E B R I T Y C O U R S E S cation with a slicer in the fairways and rough, and do some small solid-tine aerification on the greens. Many of these are practices that won't impact the experience at all for golfers. • • • • How will course conditions change as spring ar- rives and what can golfers expect in terms of play- ing conditions? The golf courses should continue to play relatively the same as we begin to transi- tion over the next few months. The subtle change back to Bermuda grass shouldn't affect things too much, and golfers should continue to enjoy play- ing both courses. • • • • The players Course has a unique look with its "blond" rough this winter. Can you tell us about that as well as what will change in terms of look and playability in spring? On the Players Course, we didn't overseed the roughs this winter. Over the next 30-60 days, the dormant Bermuda will start to green back up and grow. We will begin mowing the rough on a more regular basis and we'll fertilize in these areas as well. • • • • Why did you choose not to overseed the rough, and is it something you'll consider for the future? There are multiple reasons for not overseeding the rough, and environmental consideration is one of the big ones. The Bermuda grass that's dormant should transition back easier without much com- petition, and therefore will be a better stand of grass. We're evaluating whether to overseed the rough next year, but haven't made that decision. • • • • is there anything else new in terms of agronomy at indian Wells Golf resort? We have received a couple awards recently that make us pretty proud. Golf Advisor ranked us No. 1 in staff friendliness, and we earned the "Best Playing Conditions" award from for the third straight year in this area. We all focus on achieving our goals, and we appreciate being recognized. Desert vistas as far as the eye can see. Photo @gavindck

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