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< Click through the slideshow to see some of the newest golf equipment for 2018. PRO'S CORNER - BY TOM BURLEY, PGA BOOK a tee tiMe > C L I C K H E R E F O R I N F O R M AT I O N O N G O L F C L I N I C S AT I N D I A N W E L L S E V E R Y T U E S D AY S AT U R D AY M ost golfers are searching for lower scores, but only a few take the time to make sure the equipment they're using is setting them up for a chance to achieve that goal. Golf gear has come a long way, with new technology being intro- duced all the time. So how do you know if your current clubs stack up against the newest tech- nology and innovations? Here are some tips from PGA Head Golf Professional Tom Burley that will help you select the right equip- ment to put in your golf bag: Be HOnest aBOut tHe state OF YOur gaMe There are many different types of models, including those made for professionals, mid-level players and high handicappers. Some have differ- ent weights as well as head molds. Certain clubs offer more forgiveness and workability, while others offer less. Just because the equipment used by one of your favorite PGA Tour pros doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you. FinD tHe prOper lengtH CluB Shaft length can be a huge factor in finding the right club. You will want to make sure a professional measures the length of your arms to ensure your equipment is properly fit. Hav- ing the correct shaft length will allow you to make a solid turn in the golf swing with no extra stress on any part of the body. FinD YOur sWing speeD Determining shaft flex depends a lot on how fast you're swinging the club. I recommend testing a 6 iron, fairway wood and driver on a launch monitor to determine your swing speed for each. Whatever your swing speed, there will be a recommended shaft flex for you. Having the wrong shaft in your club can create all sorts of directional problems for your game, so make sure you take the time to know your swing speed. FinD tHe rigHt CluBHeaD With new technology, golf clubs now feature more perimeter weight- ing to give you a better chance to hit the ball well, even on less-than-stellar swings. While testing new clubs, always take note of the not-so-good shots, because if they are still decent, you will be in good shape. liKe WHat YOu are seeing If you are going to choose to play a particular brand, make sure you like the look and feel of it. It's no fun to grab a club from the bag and be put off by its appearance. You want to be oozing with confidence while standing over the ball, and if you like what you are looking at, it sure helps. equipMent CHeCK 5 tips for finding the right gear to suit your game

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