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Indian Wells Insider - January 2018

Indian Wells Golf Resort

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THE COURSES > C L I C K H E R E T O V I E W C U R R E N T C O N D I T I O N S O N T H E P L AY E R S A N D C E L E B R I T Y C O U R S E S since we've sprayed out the roughs to give it the "blond look." It plays really well and usually the lie is pretty nice to hit out of. • • • What type of work is done on the golf courses dur- ing this time of the year? We have the everyday course set up and mowing that goes on, but during this time of year we try to focus our efforts on the de- tailing around the courses. That includes work on the landscapes, wild flowers, cart paths and bunker edg- ing, work on the driving range and putting course. We'll do some tree trimming, along with trimming on bushes as well as reduction of size on many that have overgrown during the summer. We'll also try to get into some of the lake edges and clean out some un- wanted weeds. Our main concern is to try and do these things and stay out of the way for golfers. We don't want to interfere with play or the experience. • • • are there any golf course projects in the works? One of my big goals is to really go after the landscape areas. We've started doing this mostly on Players Course, and we'll continue to do this on both courses over the next year or so. There's over 100 acres of landscape, and many aren't even seen by golfers – but it may be seen by passers by, and I think it's im- portant to have these areas under control. • • • What are some of the things that set the indian Wells courses apart from other courses in the desert? Not discounting anything, but understanding that you will be playing golf on some challenging courses that are maintained in very good conditions. We are a property that is strictly a golf course – having no houses or real estate development – that is in a beau- tiful area with amazing water features, rolling eleva- tion changes, and beautiful views. If you are into wildlife we have plenty of that as well. There are so many birds flying around and making this place their home it's amazing. That's one of the first things that I noticed when I started working here last April was how peaceful and beautiful it was to listen to and see birds all over the course. It made me feel like I was back home in Michigan and it's something that just enhances the golfing experience. • • • What do you like about the two courses from a golfer's perspective? What I like is that they are very different from each other, yet they both offer chal- lenges and test the skill set that you have. You play pretty much every club in your bag because of the yardages, and having multiple tee boxes offers chal- lenges for everyone. The bunkers on both courses are very challenging and you must be accurate and pre- cise on all of your shots. The greens are similar, al- though some are more undulating than others. The other thing that I really enjoy about these courses are the large trees that help frame the holes, and the property in general. When you are out playing the courses you just feel free and can enjoy the many challenges the courses have to offer. Both courses are in full bloom this time of year.

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