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PRO'S CORNER > C L I C K H E R E F O R C O M P L E T E D E TA I L S O N G O L F I N S T R U C T I O N AT I N D I A N W E L L S O R C A L L 8 7 6 0 9 8 3 4 7 3 8 2 3 3 QUESTIONS WITH… ERIC SOLANDER C ongratulations are in order for Indian Wells Assistant Golf Professional Eric Solander, who recently earned PGA Class A Professional status. "Eric is a special instructor," says PGA Head Golf Pro- fessional Tom Burley. "He has the ability to simplify instruction and students of all abilities can re- late to what he teaches." Solander (pictured) picked up the game at age 12 in Missoula, Mon- tana, and plays to a plus-2 handicap. What drew you to the game? I loved the golf course atmosphere. Whether I was playing golf with my family, bugging the guys in the golf shop, or practicing my flop shot over a pond, I knew this is where I wanted to be. What is your role at Indian Wells? To assist in the daily golf operations, give lessons and to provide exemplary guest service. How will earning PGA Class A sta- tus impact your career? It will pro- vide me with a platform to help drive new golfers to the game and help mentor individuals interested in becoming a member of the PGA. M issing greens is going to happen. When it does, simplify your approach to the chip shot you will hit. Don't try to hit a shot that is not needed, and only use a lofted club when you have to. The idea is to maximize the distance your ball rolls out on the green. Practice chipping with vari- ous clubs to see how the roll varies. Here are some tips that will help: 9 Set up closer to the ball with a narrow stance and your hands and club shaft leaning toward the target. 9 Choke down on the club — the more you choke down the more feel you will have when chipping 9 Line the club face up to the in- tended target while keeping your stance slightly open. This will allow for your arms to swing through uninterrupted. 9 Keep most of your weight on the left side (for right-handed players). 9 Take the club away with your arms; try to have minimal lower body movement on the takeaway. 9 Do not bend or cock your wrists during the swing; feel as if your shoulders are doing the job, similar to a putting stroke. 9 After impact you should end up in an abbreviated finishing position with your back heel slightly off the ground. 9 The key to solid contact is to con- trol the club face and not let it go swinging past the hands. 9 Keep your chip shots simple and watch the errors go away and your scores drop. GET ON A ROLL Keep the ball down for more control around the greens BOOK A TEE TIME THE BASIC CHIP SHOT / BY TOM BURLEY, PGA Line the club face up to the target with your stance slightly open… …and don't let the club face swing past the hands.

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