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GAME IMPROVEMENT BOOK A TEE TIME W FIT TO A TEE Callaway Performance Center can equip golfers with clubs that are a perfect match e've all seen it before – that really tall guy standing on the tee box awkwardly swinging his off-the-shelf clubs made for regular guys. Marissa Patterson-Egner is out to change that. As the person in charge of custom fitting, it's her job at the Callaway Performance Center at Indian Wells Golf Resort to help tall golfers, short golfers and everyone in between find the right set of clubs. "Properly fitted clubs make a big difference in a golfer's swing because of the effect on posture, which is so important," Marissa said. Indian Wells is home to one of 16 Callaway Performance Centers in the nation. It al- CLICK HERE to watch a video of the Callaway Performance Center lows golfers to be fitted for Callaway clubs of all types. Marissa excelled at golf in high school and at Fresno State, where she studied marketing. Working for Callaway allows her stay in the game and use the skills she learned in college. Marissa, with cameras and simulators, shows golfers the effects of using properly fitted clubs. "We can test a golfer's equipment side-by-side with Callaway equipment," she said. "You can see how the ball reacts at different impact positions." Additionally, club technology changes rapidly and Marissa must stay on top of the latest gear and how it impacts a player's swing. "Fitting is a constant learning process," she said. "Technology changes every year. I'm constantly researching new shafts, new grips, new products and how they benefit the customer." The 90-minute, $100 fitting can make all the difference, Marissa said. After a fitting, clubs are often sent directly from Callaway Golf to the customer. VISIT OUR ONLINE E-STORE CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW FOR DETAILS OR TO BUY THESE ITEMS: v 2013 IW Platinum Card v Callaway X Utility Prototype v Golf Clubs v Gift Cards v Merchandise v Headwear v Men's apparel v Women's apparel v $50 IW Gift Card CLICK FOR FULL DETAILS ON THE INDIAN WELLS CALLAWAY PERFORMANCE CENTER

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