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Indian Wells Golf Resort

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course rePorT indian Wells Pro-aM reTurns feBruary 6, 2021 T he Indian Wells Pro-Am Invitational will return in 2021 for its seventh en- gagement. Set for Saturday, February 6, the Pro-Am will feature another exciting competition where golf professionals will compete for a $10,000 purse, and ama- teurs for great stay-and-play packages. The event will kick off with a mixer on Friday, February 5. Warren Pineo, a PGA Assis- tant Golf Professional from Toscana Country Club, cap- tured first place in the 2020 event, which was held last Feb- ruary 1, winning in a card off. ............................................... > clicK here if you would like more details on the 2021 Pro- Am or would like to sign up. save The daTe! and the cups and flags are being set. A lot of work occurs between the hours of 5-6 a.m., when nobody is around in preparation for guests arriving. Every- thing must be ready to go! On the Celebrity Course, there are plenty of new annual flowers in bloom as well as the wildflowers, dominated by the African daisies. Everywhere you look, it is colorful and spectacular, and looming in the background are amazing mountain views. Newly added mulch on both courses enhance the landscape areas, allowing the trees, bushes and flowers to stand out and look fantastic. Meanwhile, March is the time of year that the Bermuda grass begins to wake up and start growing. This is apparent on the Players course because we do not overseed the rough, and every day that goes by you will begin to notice new growth. During this time, we will be adjusting the mower heights weekly and spending a lot of time moni- toring conditions. We do this in order to have the best pos- sible transition from winter ryegrass to our summer Bermuda grass. Warmer temperatures, longer days, and busy golf courses will also challenge our ability to water the courses, but most of the time it is not a problem. If you do see a sprinkler running at an odd time, rest assured we are probably just trying to catch up on an area that needs a little bit more H2O. It is a pleasure to host everyone and we hope you have a great time playing and visiting the Indian Wells Golf Resort. CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT COURSE CONDITIONS AT INDIAN WELLS GOLF RESORT By not overseeding the rough, the Players Course presents a stunning contrast.

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