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course report >> the players course closure dates: This year, we will begin our summer maintenance program on Monday, June 24, with the closure of the Players Course for 25 days. Once closed, we will begin to aer- ify the tees, rough, fairways, and greens. When the course re-opens on Friday, July 19, the playing con- ditions should be wonderful. >> the celebrity course closure dates: On Monday, July 22, we will close the Celebrity Course in order to begin the same process. The Celebrity Course will re-open on Friday, August 23, and we should expect similar results. u u u special projects The summer months also give us a chance to work on projects that will improve the facility overall and help make it more sustainable in the future. >> the players course: This year, the focus on the Players Course will be cleaning up the native areas and the barrancas. We have already begun this process, but the coming months will really allow us to be productive as the course will be more accessible during a large por- tion of summer. We'll also look at squaring up some of the tee complexes, trim- ming a lot of bushes, and work on leveling areas around sand traps and general rough that have be- come compromised due to gophers and ground squirrels. >> the celebrity course: On the Celebrity Course, we will focus on improving areas around certain tees and greens, some of which have shrunk over the years. Mov- ing them back to their intended po- sitions is something that needs to be done from time to time. Also during summer, we will have work done on the lakes with the removal of some cattails as well as cleaning the streams and water- fall features. In addition, we will focus on general cleaning and maintenance of the lake bottoms. Continued >>> The Celebrity Course will see work done on some of the lakes and streams. TAKE A VIDEO TOUR OF THE PL AYERS COURSE || TAKE A VIDEO TOUR OF THE CELEBRIT Y COURSE || BOOK TEE TIMES AT INDIAN WELLS GOLF RESORT

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