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Course report out on the Players Course, you might notice some new landscape projects being worked on, specifically the barranca between the 5th and 14th holes. Our plan is to clean out this area, remove weeds and plant material, trim up trees and improve the playability and look of this part of the course. This kind of improvement will help golfers locate errant shots more easily and possibly allow for some recovery shots, but it'll still be a daunting task to make par if your golf ball ends up there. u u u a site to see: The Celebrity Course is also in prime shape with wildflowers blooming and conditions flourishing. As you make your way around this Clive Clark gem you'll see landscape improvements, including projects where we've added mulch and new plants. You'll also see detail work being done in and around the lakes and streams, as well as the waterfalls. It takes a lot of work and effort to keep these areas looking crisp, especially when the temperatures begin to rise. Soon the transition from Ryegrass back to Bermuda will occur and the summer cultivation proj- ects will begin. But for now, we'll just continue to maintain and enjoy the conditions out there. u u u looKing good! The Pavilion landscapes have been touched up with fresh mulch to give the facility a great look all around the grounds. The plants are blooming and look beautiful, and both the East and West Lawns look amazing, ready to host weddings and other functions. u u u taKing aiM: We're currently working on the lower range tees and targets with new sod, and plan to have things back in operation around May 1. We also hope to welcome Golf Made Simple back to our facility at that time. They are a great partner and we wish to continue our relationship moving forward. The major cleanup of the wash that runs through the property, which included sand and debris removal, is complete and our goal is to spend this month growing in the Bermuda and getting things back to normal. CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT GOLF COURSE CONDITIONS. Channing Benjamin

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