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Course report turned into a rushing river. But while the range and flood channel took a beating, our golf course conditions have flourished. As we moved into March and some warmer tempera- tures, the courses continue to thrive and the bermuda grass is beginning to wake up. On our non-overseeded Players Course, we made one last application in the rough, but soon the weather will allow the grass to green up. As we ap- proach those times we'll be pushing the growth with some fertilizer applications and pretty soon both courses will be completely green again. On the Players Course, you should begin to notice some landscape areas that have been modified and improved as part of our sustainability program and we'll continue to work on more areas as time permits. With all the rain in February, the Celebrity Course should begin to blossom and many of the areas that were a bit be- hind in blooms and color should start popping and looking great. Continued efforts to mulch some landscape areas are at the top of our to-do list, and future plans are under way to beautify these areas while allowing us to maintain them effectively. Lastly, you'll notice the wash as you drive across the bridge and see what Mother Nature can produce, but ef- forts to clean up this area and restore things are taking place. It's going to be a busy spring with golfers, events like the BNP Tennis Tournament, and upcoming music festivals. Enjoy this amazing property we get to spend time at and keep hitting those fairways and greens. CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT GOLF COURSE CONDITIONS. Photo by Ann Walker via Facebook

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