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] 9-HOLE CHALLENGE: This is the Nextlinks putting version of real golf. Overhead spotlights are activated and will symbolize the 'Tee Box' throughout the competition. The app and spotlights then combine for a seamless 9-hole round of golf, spotlights for the 'Tee Box' and the app tells you which hole to play to. Once you fin- ish a hole, you input your score via the app, and the spotlight will guide you to a new starting loca- tion. Whoever finishes with the fewest amount of putts wins the challenge. ] GOLF DARTS: Using the overhead spot- lights, a dart board is displayed onto the putting green, and in this case, the center of the dart board is the cup (50 pts) followed by a series of three rings with varying point totals (10pts, 20pts, 30pts). Users can start from any location they de- sire with the intent of always shooting toward the dart board. Using the app to keep score, first one to 300 wins. ] CORN HOLE: This game is very similar to the famous lawn game. The overhead spotlight shines down on the green in a way that illuminates a rectangular light with the target hole being in the center. Players choose a desired starting location to putt from and rather than throwing 4 bags of corn at a wooden target, each player will putt 4 golf balls at the tar- get. After all the putts are hit, players tally their score; 1 point if the ball is within the parameters of the illuminated rectangle, 3 points if the ball is in the cup. ] SHUFFLEBOARD: Spotlight technology shines a board with a similar look as to that of the famous bar game Shuffleboard. Using the same format as shuffleboard, with only one minor difference – players putt instead of push pucks. Players choose where to putt from. The same scor- ing format applies, but in this game there are extra points rewarded if the ball is rolled into the hole. ] AROUND THE WORLD: Similar to a causal shooting game seen in basketball, players will putt rather than shoot the basketball, otherwise, the game format is played exactly same. The spotlight shines down on the put- ting green and navigates players through a putting course of five (+/-) holes. Players will putt from the location that the spotlight shines down from. Players alternate turns and a player may not move on to the next putt until they have made the putt at hand in one shot from the designated spotlight location. The first person to complete all the putts on the course wins. SEE SLIDESHOW ABOVE FOR MORE GAMES. Golf Darts PUTTING GREEN GAMES

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