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] CLOSEST TO THE PIN: Golfers will rotate hitting a shot at the green. The golfer who is closest to the pin wins. ] AROUND THE WORLD: Start by trying to hit the furthest left target. If you miss then your partner goes. Once you hit the target you get to hit again at the next target just to the right of the far left. First golfer to hit all targets in order wins. ] H.O.R.S.E: Golfer can choose to hit any target, shot, or green. The next golfer must replicate the called shot if said shot happens. If he misses he gets the letter H. First golfer to get HORSE loses. ] HIGH SCORE: Each golfer will hit 5 glow balls in a row at any target. The targets are worth anywhere from 1 to 9 points. The golfer who gets the most points in their 5 shots wins. ] 21: Each target has a value of 1-9 points. Golfers will alternate hitting shots. The first golfer to get exactly 21 points wins. ] LIGHTS-OUT: Each golfer takes a turn hitting one shot at any target. The first golfer to hit the target gets the point value of the target. Once a target is hit no one else can hit that target. Highest score once all targets have been hit wins. ] CRICKET: Each golfer hits 3 shots at any target. You must hit every target twice. If your last ball strikes any open target that hasn't been hit twice yet, then you get to hit all 3 balls again. First golfer to hit every target twice wins. GLOW GOLF GAMES TO PLAY

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